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Rant and Rave. And parties.

I just wish some people would leave me alone. Just seriously stop bothering me. Stop proving that most relationships are one sided. And if you're reading this chances are it's not you! Just so you know.

And I don't hate anybody. I just wish sometimes people would care about me. I know there are people that do and I love those people so much and nothing in the world could take them away from me. But those people that just use me over and over and over again. I don't like you. But I'll be there for you anyway.

Cuz thats what I'm here for anyway!! Right? Isn't it? To be there when people need help. The first shoulder. The first good word. But don't worry when I'll have trouble. Don't worry I'll be super. I'll be fine alone. Who says that you can't comfort your own problems? Cuz no one else is going tooo.

And I am so bored lately. Nothing will just appease me. I don't want to listen to music, I've tried to play a million comp games. I've tried talking to people. I've tried watching TV. I'm cursed here! Cursed!

On a happier not I had an awesome sleepover the other day. That really did rock. And a million more to come.. minus the rain I hope. That was killer. "I want to be a good kisser.. Shut up.. You ARE a good kisser.." "You smell like someone I F***ed.." Hahahaha..
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