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No Strings Attached...

this is the time where I just want to say "who needs anyone!?" Who the heck needs anyone? Not like there is anyone left to need at the moment. Can't we just live our lives? Even if it is alone. i guess I'm depressed. Or maybe i'm just bored. But I'm something that makes me aimlessly sit on the computer doing nothing. Not wanting to talk to anybody.

But then I realized that maybe there are lots of people who still care. And I need to talk to those people alot more. There were certain people who i've been neglecting for a while. Some of which think I don't even want to be their friends anymore. And thats all wrong. Its just the summer. Its just the laziness. I realized I need to fix so much that has gone wrong.

I like old movies and old music. I watched Silk Stockings today. Cole Porter is really cool.
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