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Ok. So I guess my journal is not the biggest success story ever. My friend told me that the background only appears blue. That sucks. It sucks a lot. When I look at it, it has beautiful pictures of my favourites from Wicked.. Just so you know.

I saw Eyes Wide Shut. Sex is everywhere. I love Alan Cumming. I really do. And anyone who ever played the Emcee from Cabaret is my favourite person in the world.

PS- I got my background to work. WOO!
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The background does show up blue, but! I'm pretty sure that it was that picture a while ago. Like last week... Is that possible?

Here's an exciting fact (and of course Bowie!): David Bowie was supposedly considered for the Emcee in the film version! Oh man, how amazing would that have been?
No you're right. Like last week or something there was a picture of the very beautiful Idina Menzel.

And David Bowie would have beeen AWESOME!.
Oops, sorry. The background does work. I didn't think it did because my stupid dialup has to load it slowllly... Didn't want to make you think it wasn't working again. Okay, goodbye.
I was gonna say....I can see it! I heard Eyes Wide Shut was awful - and that coming from a big Tom Cruise fan. Then again, she also hated Vanilla Sky too, so I tend to agree with her on that one (VS was AWFUL!).