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Love is a many splended thing...

I love buying stuff for other people and then wrapping it and waiting for their reaction. I guess I want people to be pleased with me so much that gifts offer a good outlet. I get an immediate reaction and know for sure whether or not I feel good or bad. I have the unfortunate ability to buy people things they already have or buy the same gift that someone just gave them the day before. hahah, it wasn't funny then but it is now. 

However cliche this may seem I might as well say it: this is the time of year that I wish I had someone that was mine, someone I could share something with that I can't share with the people I know now... how sentimental, I know lol. 

I feel relatively good despite the fact I've hated my personal choices for the last three or four months and am dreading the future.. I feel relatively happy and glad that it's Christmas, cuz it always turns out to be the best fucking time of the year. Haha, I had to swear. 

The RENT movie gets better the more you see it... the visuals still make me want to hang myself but maybe I'll hang Chris Columbus instead.
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